Environment & Sustainability

I have written about topics related to environmental issues and sustainability for a variety of publications, including Sierra Magazine, Earth Island Journal, Northwest Meetings + Events, The Seattle Times’ Trip Magazine, Conscious Choice, Natural Choice Directory, and others. I also served as editor for WildHope, a digital wildlife conservation travel magazine, and news editor for Ethical Traveler, a nonprofit organization that seeks to harness the economic clout of tourism to protect the environment and human rights.

In addition, I have written, edited, and translated environment- and sustainability-related content for clients such as the Rainforest Alliance, SEEtheWild, the Natural Network of Forest Practitioners, UPS, and AMEC Geomatrix (an environmental consulting firm), as well as various sustainability-minded travel companies. I also served as writer and translator for a Green Living Project video expedition documenting sustainability-related projects in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

As a graduate student in Latin American studies at the University of Arizona, I contributed to a draft discussion paper for the World Wildlife Fund about land-use change in northern Mexico; researched public-private partnerships in natural resource management in the Texas-Mexico border region; assisted with planning and operations for a bilingual, binational conference on U.S.-Mexico border environmental issues; and researched community conservation initiatives and contributed to a working paper on ecotourism as a conservation tool in the Sea of Cortez for The Nature Conservancy Mexico Program. 

My master’s thesis examined the relationship between environmental groups and the media in Mexico and was based on interviews with activists, environmental journalist, and government officials in Mexico City, as well as case studies of media coverage of several major Mexican environmental issues. As an undergraduate at Middlebury College, I majored in environmental studies and spent a semester studying ecology and environmental issues in Ecuador.

In 2018, I was selected as a fellow of the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources, joining a select group of journalists on an immersive field program exploring environmental and natural resources issues along the St. Lawrence River.

Below are links to some of my journalistic writing about the environment and sustainability.

Seattle’s Beacon Food Forest Breaks New Ground in Community Building and Local Food Production. Natural Choice Directory. On a hillside just two and a half miles from downtown Seattle, a forest is taking root. Yet this is no ordinary Pacific Northwest forest of cedar, spruce, pine, and fir. This seven-acre plot along the western edge of Jefferson Park in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood is the site of the nation’s first food forest, an exciting project that blends community, environmental stewardship, and local food production.

Backyard Conservation: Endangered Species & the Role Landowners Play. Land.com. About half the species listed as endangered or threatened have the majority of their habitat on private lands, giving landowners an essential role in their conservation. The Endangered Species Act offers various incentives for landowners to undertake voluntary endangered species conservation efforts, providing benefits for both listed species and landowners. 

Everything You Need to Known About Conservation Easements. Land.com. A conservation easement is a voluntary but legally binding agreement between a landowner and a land trust that protects private land from future development that would negatively affect its natural value. It’s a valuable tool for landowners who seek to balance land use with conservation and want to make sure their vision remains intact beyond their lifetime.

A Brother’s Choice and the Fate of Communities and Wildlife in Northern Kenya. Ethical Traveler. Born into the Samburu tribe of northern Kenya, Tom Lalampaa could have ended up following the traditional pastoral lifestyle of his people – had his brother made a different choice. Instead, Tom is now a key player in efforts to protect Kenyan wildlife and improve the lives of his people.

Green-Land. Northwest Meetings + Events. In Portland, Oregon, it’s not just the grass that’s greener. The city offers a unique array of venues, suppliers, and programs to help make any meeting or event both high in quality and low in environmental impact.

Explore: Koster Islands, Sweden. Sierra Magazine. The Koster Islands are located off Sweden’s west coast; most of the archipelago is part of Kosterhavet Marine National Park, which covers 153 square miles and is home to an estimated 6,000 marine species.

How to Clean Water While Traveling Abroad. SafeBee.com. Skip tap water and disposable plastic water bottles — do this instead.

Living with Wildfire. Land.com. Wildfires have always been a natural part of forest and grassland ecosystems, but in recent years they have been getting bigger, more frequent, and more destructive. For landowners in fire-prone areas, it’s important to be aware of ways to reduce the risk of catastrophic loss and promote natural resource recovery in the event a fire does strike.

Plastic Water Bottles, Begone! Ethical Traveler. Responsible travel organizations in Seattle launch a Travelers Against Plastic campaign.

Deck the Halls. Northwest Meetings + Events. “Green” your holiday events with these fun, easy, and Earth-friendly tips.

Eco Spots. Northwest Meetings + Events. A look inside some lesser-known sustainable venues.

LEEDing Indicator. Northwest Meetings + Events. The LEED rating system identifies venues that are sustainable and those working on it.

Bright Farms, Big City. Conscious Choice Magazine. More and more people are looking toward their own backyard for food production and community gardens. The Seattle Urban Farm Co. helps clients create and tend their own organic gardens.

Cry of the Koala: Australia’s Beloved Icon Under Threat. Ethical Traveler. One of Australia’s iconic creatures, the koala is beloved around the world, yet if current trends continue, a day may come when this cuddly marsupial may be no more than a memory.

World’s 10 Best Destinations. Earth Island Journal. Ethical Traveler identifies the countries that are “most serious about preserving their natural assets, promoting mindful travel, and building an economy in which local communities reap the benefits of tourist revenue.”

The Environmental Movement in Mexico and Cross-Border Organizing Today: Where Do Things Stand? Borderlines. Despite obstacles and setbacks, Mexican environmental groups are becoming increasingly vocal and visible actors in the national policymaking arena.