History & Cultural Heritage Articles

I have written about history and cultural heritage for various publications, as well as on my website, RealScandinavia.com. Here are some past articles.

Stars, Stripes, and Palm Trees. Hakai Magazine. The story of the overthrow of the independent kingdom of Hawai’i and how the humble postage stamp played a part in the Americanization of the islands.

The Nobel Museum in Karlskoga and the Story of the Prizes that Almost Never Were. Real Scandinavia. The prizes established by Swedish inventor and businessman Alfred Nobel in his will are generally considered the most prestigious awards in the world. Yet the Nobel Prizes almost didn’t end up existing at all.

Coming-of-Age Rituals in Africa: Tradition and Change. Prudence International Magazine. Traditional societies throughout Africa mark the passage from childhood to adulthood through elaborate rituals. In parts of the continent, these traditions remain strong, while in others, changing social, economic and political conditions have had a profound influence on the extent to which these ceremonies are performed and the forms the rituals take.

Unique Experiences: Civil War Battlefields. Berlitz Handbook USA. The Civil War of the 1860s was the bloodiest conflict in US history. It tore the country apart, and its scars on the American psyche remain to this day. The war not only ended slavery but also reaffirmed the sanctity of the Union and the place of the states within it. 

Runestones: Words from the Viking Age. Real Scandinavia. Remnants of Scandinavia’s Viking past are scattered throughout the countryside of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Among the most intriguing are the stones covered in Viking runes that give a glimpse of the culture and society of the era.

Bringing Light in the Darkness: Celebrating St. Lucia Day in Sweden. Real Scandinavia. On December 13, one of the most famous of all Swedish celebrations takes place: St. Lucia Day, a festival of light in the long, dark Scandinavian winter. The festival’s origins go back to medieval Italian saint.

Saving Cultural Heritage: New Global Heritage Network Enables Travelers to Help. Ethical Traveler. A new Internet platform enables travelers to contribute to monitoring and preserving cultural heritage sites.

What to Do in York, England. TravelAge West. From Romans to Vikings and churches to chocolate, this captivating city has something for everyone.