My work has appeared in a wide range of publications and online media, including BBC TravelSierra Magazine, British Airways’ The Club, Australia’s Luxury Travel Magazine, AAA Journey, TravelAge West, The Christian Science Monitor, Earth Island Journal, DAYSPA Magazine, Northwest Meetings + Events, The Seattle Times’ Trip Magazine, Adventure Travel News, Harbors Magazine, The National (United Arab Emirates)Travel Channel Media, and others. The co-author of the Berlitz Handbook USA, I also updated and wrote Stockholm content for Fodor’s Essential Europe and was featured as a Sweden expert on Breakthrough Entertainment / KPHX 1480 A.M. radio in Arizona. 

From November 2009 to April 2014, I was the news editor for Ethical Traveler, a nonprofit organization that seeks to harness the economic clout of tourism to protect the environment and human rights. I have also served as editor for WildHope, a digital wildlife conservation travel magazine, and Harbors Magazine, the seaplane and boating destination magazine for the Pacific Northwest.

My specializations include travel, adventure, conservation, sustainability, international development, and history. I also enjoy writing profiles of interesting people and organizations. Although my work spans the globe, I have particular regional expertise in Scandinavia, the Pacific Northwest, New England, and Latin America.

Below is a sampling of some of my published work. For more articles about travel and culture in Scandinavia, please visit my blog, RealScandinavia.com.

I also write for travel companies, destination marketing organizations, nonprofit organizations, and other clients. For more information, see Custom Content.


My World: Antonio Diaz, Chef and Salsa Dancer. AAA Journey, May 2017. Q&A with a Peruvian-born Bellingham, Washington, resident who is adding spice to his adopted community in more ways than one.

The First Family of US Mountaineering. BBC Travel, 15 June 2016. If there were such a thing as a First Family of American mountaineering, it would be the Whittakers, who between them have reached the top of Mount Rainier 679 times. (US National Parks Centennial series)

Passports with Purpose: Travel Bloggers and Readers Making a Difference. Ethical Traveler, December 2011. When travel bloggers and their readers join forces, they have the power to change the world. 

Building Beavers. Harbors Magazine, Fall 2010. Gordy Barnes has been keeping floatplanes flying for four decades.

Where Vintage and Modern Meet. The National (United Arab Emirates), 14 February 2009. Step through the door of Chartreuse, a quirky store in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, and you enter a bright, inviting world where vintage meets modern in an eclectic, colorful mix.


The Top Adventure Activities in Tuscany. Explorer (TravelAge West), November 2017. Tuscany is brimming with opportunities for off-the-beaten-path experiences that combine active adventures with nature, history, and local culture. 

Discover Southeast Alaska by Ferry and Floatplane. Northwest Travel & Life, July/August 2017. By traveling via Alaska State Ferry – augmented with floatplane service – you can create a comprehensive two-week itinerary that takes in several of southeast Alaska’s most fascinating communities.

Discover First Nations Culture in Alert Bay, BC. Northwest Travel & Life, May/June 2017. The village of Alert Bay, British Columbia, has just 1,500 residents but is steeped in native culture and natural beauty.

What to Do in York, England. TravelAge West, 17 April 2017. From Romans to Vikings and churches to chocolate, this captivating city has something for everyone.

On Cuban Time. AAA Journey, January/February 2016. The doors are opening to stronger bonds with our island neighbors. (Cover story.)

Travel Like a Winner: The Nobel Prize Trail in Scandinavia. Sherman’s Travel, 10 December 2015. You don’t have to win a Nobel Prize to experience its traditions for yourself. Here’s how to go where the winners do in Sweden and Norway.

The Royal Rail. Luxury Travel Magazine (Australia), Spring [October] 2015. Channeling the grand days of the Raj on a luxury train journey through Rajasthan, India.

Ideas for a Seaside Escape in Stockholm. TravelAge West, 8 June 2015. Kayak adventures, maritime-themed accommodations and food halls await in Sweden’s capital.

Stockholm: Seven Reasons to Stay. British Airways’ The Club, September 2014. Despite being dubbed the world’s smallest big city, Stockholm is Sweden’s economic powerhouse, and a global hub for technology innovation. Yet it’s also steeped in Nordic culture and filled with thriving, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, which are all excellent reasons to stay on after business is done.

Sakinaw Lake Lodge. Harbors Magazine, Fall 2011. How a family’s leap of faith created one of the best getaways on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

Explore: Koster Islands, Sweden. Sierra Magazine, March/April 2011. The Koster Islands are located off Sweden’s west coast; most of the archipelago is part of Kosterhavet Marine National Park, which covers 153 square miles and is home to an estimated 6,000 marine species.

Unique Experiences: National Parks. Berlitz Handbook USA, March 2012. Famously called ‘America’s best idea’ by the writer Wallace Stegner, the 394 units of the national park system are the pride and joy of the United States, attracting more than 280 million visitors each year with their scenic beauty, diverse wildlife, and historic attractions.

Unique Experiences: Civil War Battlefields. Berlitz Handbook USA, March 2012. The Civil War of the 1860s was the bloodiest conflict in US history. It tore the country apart, and its scars on the American psyche remain to this day. The war not only ended slavery but also reaffirmed the sanctity of the Union and the place of the states within it.

Destination Mini-Guide: Seattle, WA. Away.com, July 2010. The insider scoop on the best picks for summer fun in Seattle. 

ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY (see also relevant articles in other categories)

Cry of the Koala: Australia’s Beloved Icon Under Threat. Ethical Traveler, October 2013. One of Australia’s iconic creatures, the koala is beloved around the world, yet if current trends continue, a day may come when this cuddly marsupial may be no more than a memory.

Seattle’s Beacon Food Forest Breaks New Ground in Community Building and Local Food Production. Natural Choice Directory, May 2013. On a hillside just two and a half miles from downtown Seattle, a forest is taking root. Yet this is no ordinary Pacific Northwest forest of cedar, spruce, pine, and fir. This seven-acre plot along the western edge of Jefferson Park in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood is the site of the nation’s first food forest, an exciting project that blends community, environmental stewardship, and local food production.

Plastic Water Bottles, Begone! Ethical Traveler, April 2013. Responsible travel organizations in Seattle launch a Travelers Against Plastic campaign.

A Brother’s Choice and the Fate of Communities and Wildlife in Northern Kenya. Ethical Traveler, Febrary 2012. Born into the Samburu tribe of northern Kenya, Tom Lalampaa could have ended up following the traditional pastoral lifestyle of his people – had his brother made a different choice. Instead, Tom is now a key player in efforts to protect Kenyan wildlife and improve the lives of his people and others who inhabit this beautiful but often unforgiving place.

Changing Rural Lives through Renewable Energy in Nicaragua. Ethical Traveler, October 2010. An innovative organization is having a big impact through small-scale renewable energy projects that provide basic necessities such as clean drinking water and household electricity.

World’s 10 Best Destinations. Earth Island Journal, Spring 2010. Ethical Traveler identifies the countries that are “most serious about preserving their natural assets, promoting mindful travel, and building an economy in which local communities reap the benefits of tourist revenue.”


Stars, Stripes, and Palm Trees. Hakai Magazine, 15 August 2016. The story of the overthrow of the independent kingdom of Hawai’i and how the humble postage stamp played a part in the Americanization of the islands.

Saving Cultural Heritage: New Global Heritage Network Enables Travelers to Help. Ethical Traveler, April 2011. A new Internet platform enables travelers to contribute to monitoring and preserving cultural heritage sites.

Coming-of-Age Rituals in Africa: Tradition and Change. Prudence International Magazine, Fall 2008. Traditional societies throughout Africa mark the passage from childhood to adulthood through elaborate rituals. In parts of the continent, these traditions remain strong, while in others, changing social, economic and political conditions have had a profound influence on the extent to which these ceremonies are performed and the forms the rituals take.


Green-Land. Northwest Meetings + Events, Spring 2013. In Portland, Oregon, it’s not just the grass that’s greener.

Building Relationships While Giving Back. Northwest Meetings + Events, Winter 2011. Adding volunteer opportunities to conferences and meetings creates lasting benefits for both the participants and the host communities.

Daring to Be Different. Northwest Meetings + Events, Spring 2010. Convention and visitors bureaus in lesser-known destinations are embracing their assets and scoring new business.

Deck the Halls. Northwest Meetings + Events, Fall 2009. “Green” your holiday events with these fun, easy, and Earth-friendly tips.


How to Stay Safe – and Legal – While Driving Abroad. SafeBee.com, 19 February 2016. It’s not just about driving on the “right” side of the road.

The Worst Clothing Mistakes American Tourists Make. SafeBee.com, 29 September 2015. Committing these fashion faux pas could put you at risk when you travel abroad.

How to Clean Water While Traveling Abroad. SafeBee.com, 17 September 2015. Skip tap water and disposable plastic water bottles — do this instead.

Business Class. Knowledge Leader, Fall 2011. Traveling abroad for business? Read this first.

Five Star Layovers. Knowledge Leader, Fall 2009. These international airports make waiting in airports well worth the wait.


Canada’s Top Destinations for Close Wildlife Encounters. World Nomads, October 2017. From whales to eagles, bears to moose, salmon to seabirds, Canada offers limitless possibilies for wildlife-related adventures.

Best Activities in Costa Rica. Active Junky, 2 August 2017. Costa Rica’s diversity of landscapes and habitats makes it an ideal destination for a variety of outdoor adventures. 

Cuba’s Cultural Highlights: Music, Dance, Rum & Cigars. World Nomads, May 2017. Insider’s guide to Cuban cultural experiences.

9 Unspoiled Wildlife Destinations to Explore in Cuba. World Nomads, May 2017. Insider’s guide to wildlife viewing in Cuba.

Cuba’s Charming Trinidad:  Things You Must See & Do. World Nomads, May 2017. Insider’s guide to Trinidad, one of Cuba’s top destinations.

7 Historic Landmarks & Cities You Must See in Cuba. World Nomads, May 2017. Insider’s guide to Cuba’s top historic landmarks.

Gaspé: Quebec’s Land’s End. Active Junky, 4 April 2017. Profile of the Gaspésie region as an adventure travel destination.

Grindelwald, Switzerland: The Quintessential Swiss Alps. Active Junky, 27 October 2016. Profile of Grindelwald as an adventure travel destination.

Aviemore: Scotch, Lochs, and Highlands. Active Junky, 2 September 2016. Profile of Aviemore, Scotland, as an adventure travel destination.

Bergen: The Capital of the Fjords. Active Junky, 24 June 2016. Profile of Bergen, Norway, as an adventure travel destination.

Coordinates: Queenstown: The Real Middle Earth. ActiveJunky.com, 6 June 2016. Profile of Queenstown, New Zealand, as an adventure travel destination.

Cuba Beyond Havana: Where to Go Next. Sherman’s Travel, 25 February 2016. Destinations to visit once U.S. restrictions permit more independent travel. 

Wild Rovers. AAA Journey, March/April 2015. New signs provide a clearer path along Ireland’s west coast driving route.

On the Rise. AAA Journey, July/August 2014. Squamish, British Columbia, beckons adventurers with a soaring new attraction.

Travel Highlights. Afar.com, 2014. Miscellaneous short, experiential travel pieces from around the world.

Stockholm by Stieg. AAA Journey, March/April 2011. Walking tours bring Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy to life.