Photography, like writing, is a form of storytelling. I love the challenge of capturing an elusive moment in time or the unique features of a person or place in creative and interesting ways. Whether exploring a far corner of the globe or roaming my own neighborhood, I keep my eyes open for that special something that makes an image compelling. It may be as exciting as a wild animal emerging from the bush or as dramatic as a panoramic landscape, or it may be as simple as a spot of color in an unexpected place, a whimsical architectural detail, the joy of a child at play, or the lines in the face of a village elder. Like most photographers, I’m fascinated by light: the moment the sun suddenly breaks through a cloud, the golden glow of a late afternoon, or the dappled pattern of sunshine through a lattice window.

To view some of my photography from around the world, please visit my portfolio(Portfolio site is currently undergoing redesign. Please check back soon for additional images.)

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