Philanthropy & Social Responsibility Articles

I have written about topics related to philanthropy and social responsibility for various publications and have also worked with philanthropic organizations in other capacities including conference coordinator, event staff, and tour leader. I have also written profiles and articles about issues such as conservation, sustainable development, social change, health research and advocacy, and poverty reduction for numerous publications as well as for organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Burst for Properity, and others.

Below are a few articles about philanthropic organizations and other efforts to address important contemporary issues.

Water Bottles, Begone! Ethical Traveler. Responsible travel organizations in Seattle launch a Travelers Against Plastic campaign.

Building Relationships While Giving Back. Northwest Meetings + Events. Adding volunteer opportunities to conferences and meetings creates lasting benefits for both the participants and the host communities.

Charging Ahead. Conscious Choice Magazine. A new community card program channels everyday spending for the common good.

Saving Cultural Heritage: New Global Heritage Network Enables Travelers to Help. Ethical Traveler. A new Internet platform enables travelers to contribute to monitoring and preserving cultural heritage sites.

Seattle’s Beacon Food Forest Breaks New Ground in Community Building and Local Food Production. Natural Choice Directory. On a hillside just two and a half miles from downtown Seattle, a forest is taking root. Yet this is no ordinary Pacific Northwest forest of cedar, spruce, pine, and fir. This seven-acre plot along the western edge of Jefferson Park in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood is the site of the nation’s first food forest, an exciting project that blends community, environmental stewardship, and local food production.

Everything You Need to Known About Conservation Easements. A conservation easement is a voluntary but legally binding agreement between a landowner and a land trust that protects private land from future development that would negatively affect its natural value. It’s a valuable tool for landowners who seek to balance land use with conservation and want to make sure their vision remains intact beyond their lifetime.

A Brother’s Choice and the Fate of Communities and Wildlife in Northern Kenya. Ethical Traveler. Born into the Samburu tribe of northern Kenya, Tom Lalampaa could have ended up following the traditional pastoral lifestyle of his people – had his brother made a different choice. Instead, Tom is now a key player in efforts to protect Kenyan wildlife and improve the lives of his people.

Coming-of-Age Rituals in Africa: Tradition and Change. Prudence International Magazine. Traditional societies throughout Africa mark the passage from childhood to adulthood through elaborate rituals. In parts of the continent, these traditions remain strong, while in others, changing social, economic and political conditions have had a profound influence on the extent to which these ceremonies are performed and the forms the rituals take.