Rainbow over Cows and Stirling Castle

I was driving along a country road in central Scotland, approaching Stirling, with the city’s castle looming in the distance on top of a steep cliff. As I admired the dramatic view, a rainbow appeared directly ahead of me, bathing the castle in pastel hues. I immediately found a place to pull over so I could get out of the car and take a photo. As luck would have it, the place I found to park was adjacent to a field in which a herd of black cattle was grazing. I positioned the cows in the foreground of my photo to add another dimension to the the scene and make the image more interesting.


2 thoughts on “Rainbow over Cows and Stirling Castle”

  1. Robert White-Harvey


    Your beautiful photo took me back to the last time I saw Stirling Castle. I was still shooting film in those days, and I managed to shoot five rolls of the castle, Banockburn, the Trossachs and Loch Lomond. I dropped the film off at an hour-photo in Edinburgh and packed to leave for London. I was back in the States before I realized that I had left all five rolls at the photo place by Waverly Station. Lost a week’s worth of good shots in perfect sunlight.


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